4 Tips for an Expert Healthy Eating Plan

As most people who have tried this surely know, eating healthily is difficult. So many times we approach our meals with the best intentions but inevitably fall sway to the pressures and stress of life, as well as the sweet temptation of comfort food. Experts are constantly talking about the importance of healthy eating but it’s never as easy as they make it out to be. So what’s the key to creating and maintaining a healthy eating plan? Below are four tips that are sure to help.


  • Pay attention to your body: There is nothing that knows what diet will be best for you than your body. Are you reacting with sensitivity or indigestion due to something you ate? That’s your body telling you that it doesn’t want you eating that. So many times people ignore their stomach and body when it comes to the diet they choose. Make sure you’re paying attention and trying to figure out what your body dislikes and why.
  • Don’t ignore food sensitivities: Even if a food is healthy and good for you, all nutritional and health values will be overruled if your body rejects it and makes you sick due to an sensitivity or allergy. To get the most out of your new healthy diet, you need to remove that which is standing in the way of your health. If you’re getting bloated, diarrhea, constipation, or skin rashes (amongst others), there’s a chance that you’re eating something your body doesn’t agree with.
  • Support your microbes: Every stomach is packed full of germs and bacteria that are good for the body and aid in digestion and nutrient absorption. Try to find a diet that will help your gut microbes flourish because when they’re healthy, your entire body is healthy.
  • Patience is a virtue: The unfortunate truth is that just like exercising, a healthy eating plan is going to take time before any benefits show. Your body is going to need time to adjust to your new system and clear out all of the toxins and unhealthy foods. But be patient and health will be just around the corner!

These are 4 tips to help you get started on a healthier you. If you’d like to read more, the link is here.

8 Most Powerful Women in Business

In the past, things were looking bad for women who were trying to break into business in any way. While today’s society might still not as equal and supportive to both men and women as it can and should be, there’s no denying that massive strides have been taken and the playing field is evening out, regardless of how slowly or the backlash it results in. Below you’ll find the first 10 of the 20 most powerful women in business — proof that progress is being made every day.


  • Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook): Sandberg has not only worked for one of the largest and most impressive technology companies for 4 years, she was just named to the Board of Directors in June. For woman working in a normally male-dominated industry, this is impressive to say the least.
  • Indra Nooyi (CEO and Chair of PepsiCo): Nooyi has been ranked amongst the top 20 women in business since 2006. Last years she grew net revenue by 14% and returned $5.6 billion to shareholders.
  • Irene Rosenfeld (CEO of Mondelēz International): Rosenfeld started off as CEO of Kraft Foods and guided the company through its recent split, becoming the CEO of Mondelēz International at the end of the road.
  • Virginia Rometty (CEO of IBM): Rometty became CEO of IBM, one of the largest technology companies in the world, in 2011 and became the first women to ever lead the company. It is over 100 years old and has over $100 in revenue.
  • Ursula Burns (Chairman and CEO of Xerox Corp.): Burns has been steadily working to turn Xerox into more than just a company that sells printers and ink. Under her lead she has been able to turn managing electronic ticket transactions, road tolls and parking meters into half of the company’s revenue.
  • Meg Whitman (CEO of Hewlett-Packard): Unfortunately, Whitman went from losing the 2010 California governor election to becoming the CEO of one of the most storied, and struggling, technology firms in the world. Regardless of her success, the simple fact that she was named CEO proves her business acumen.
  • Maria das Gracas Silva Foster (Former CEO of Petrobras): The former CEO of one of the world’s largest oil companies, and also the first women in history to ever be in charge of an oil company, Silva Foster was named the Most Powerful Woman in Business (Outside of the US) by Fortune Magazine in 2013 and number 16 on the Most Powerful Women in the World in 2014 by Forbes Magazine.
  • Marissa Mayer (CEO of Yahoo): Formerly the 20th employee at Google, an achievement in and of itself, she has been in charge of bring Yahoo back from the brink and returning it to its former glory.

While there are many powerful women in business, these are some of the paragons that women can and should aim to be. These women have overcome scepticism and sexism to rise to the top and they are working to pave the way for women beneath them.


If you’d like to read more, the link is here.

5 Secrets of Success for Women Starting Businesses

Starting a business is a difficult step for anyone and advice can be hard to come by if you don’t know who to turn to. This is even more difficult if you’re a woman starting a business due to preconceived notions of gender-roles in the business world. While it may seem difficult, there is advice out there and within reach. Below are 5 tips that will help any woman (or man, for that matter) when it comes to starting a business.


  • Start building relationships early: Relationships and networks are one of the easiest ways to get your business off of the ground. Having strong relationships not only gives you a pool of talent to potentially draw from, but it also will be a source of inspiration and advice throughout the entire process of getting your business up and running.
  • It’s ok to not know everything: Unfortunately, starting a business as a woman means that there’s a lot of pressure (both external and potentially internal) to be better and more than a male counterpart attempting to do the same thing. This isn’t the case and it’s 100% ok to not know everything. No one does and mistakes will always happen.
  • Be realistic with your goals: This kind of ties with number two but it deserves it’s own category. Be realistic with what you’re attempting and don’t bite off more than you can chew just to prove a point — you stand a better chance of success by tackling a realistic amount of work at a time.
  • Use tools available: There have been thousands of women who have tried to do what you’re currently trying to do and who have probably run into similar issues along the way. Take available courses and look up advice from other women entrepreneurs who have been there and done that.
  • Sanity is key: Starting a new business is stressful, difficult work. Make sure that you’re taking care of yourself as much as you’re taking care of your business. Do what you need to do to keep a calm, clear head so you can focus and work at your maximum.



These are just 5 ways to help make starting your own business as easy as possible. There will be trials and tribulations along the way, but perseverance will see you through to the other side. There so much more information out there, make sure you look it up! If you’d like to read more, go here.

3 Ways to Destress Your Holiday Travel

Let’s be honest with each other for a minute. The holidays are stressful. Travel is stressful. When the two are combined, the stress from each grow exponentially and melds to become some sort of stress monster that can consume even the merriest of hearts and turn happiness into anger, worry, and belligerence. With all of this being said, let it be known that holiday travel doesn’t necessarily have to be stressful! If you prepare correctly and make sure all your ducks are in a row, holiday travel can be so much easier. Below are three tips to maintain your sanity:


  • Ship your presents: One of the major issues with holiday travel is packing all of the presents that you’re bringing to friends and loved ones. Make your life incredibly easier by shipping those presents ahead of time so that you not only have extra space in your bags (leading to the need for fewer), but so that you also don’t have to worry about expensive or fragile presents getting damaged or lost in the process.
  • Research the weather: Look up the weather both for your departure day as well as for the location you’re traveling to. You want to make sure that you have the proper clothing and accessories for whatever you’re going to be encountering there and the last thing you want to do is show up to the airport all ready to go only to find that your flight has been cancelled or delayed.
  • Sleep at the airport: No, I don’t mean IN the airport (unless you have no choice in the matter). Many airports have hotels either nearby or in the airport itself. If your traveling in a large group or have children with you, think about staying nearer to the airport to give yourself extra time and less hassle when trying to get people and kids to the departure gate.

These are just 3 ways to make the stress of traveling over the holidays easier than you may be making it on yourself. As always, there are many tips out there to deal with this sort of issue and you can never research too much! If you’d like to read more, the link is here.

Elizabeth Evelyn: Founder and CEO of Paisley Fig

Start DC

Lizzy Evelyn, DC entrepreneur, on seizing niche markets and growing Paisley Fig.

I sat in the Room 11 café, camera in one hand and scone in the other, nibbling and snapping away. The café is headquarters to Elizabeth (Lizzy) Evelyn’s Paisley Fig bakery. I was there, ostensibly, to get photos for the blog. (It’s a rough life.)

Evelyn started Paisley Fig in 2008, following an accomplished career as a pastry chef in three DC restaurants. Her bakery has since grown into a DC breakfast pastry and dessert destination. In addition to being the in-house bakery for Room 11, Paisley Fig also supplies other local restaurants and stores—Whole Foods, Dolcezza, Glen’s Garden Market, and Qualia Coffee to name a few—with her inventive (and delicious) baked goods.

Lizzy Evelyn, Paisley Fig entrepreneur, talks to Start DCI spoke with Evelyn about building her business. She also shared helpful, honest reflections on the challenge of balancing raising children with growing a company: 

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You are stronger and more capable than you think you are! Go for it and leap!

Entrepreness Life with Karina Eva

In my journey as a women entrepreneur and supporter and champion of women in business, I have had the opportunity to participate as part of the organizing committee of 2014 and 2015 BC Economic Forum: Women as a Catalyst for Growth. The organizing committee has been lead by Jill Earthy and Lois Nahirney, co-chairs of the Web Alliance of Women in Business Networks and supported by a team of women in various leadership roles from across British Columbia.

The case is clear, B.C.’s economy needs more women leaders — in business, on boards and in growing industries.

How to advance and support women professional  and economic growth and impact in British Columbia?

The inaugural forum in October 2014 highlighted opportunities in B.C. to support women in business and to advance the conversation into action strategies for economic growth. As a result, “Women as a Catalyst for Growth: A B.C. Action…

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